Japanese, 9th Century
Japanese, 9th Century
«Compared to real experience,
theory is like snow falling on a blazing fire.»


Values and intention

It is important to us that the basic principles of biodynamics are understood, experienced, applied and transferred in their uniqueness and purity.

The biodynamic principles are not only a theory, they are an experienced and lived reality.

Transferring those principles into daily life is part of the therapeutic process.

Co-participation in the differentiated perception deepens the therapeutic competence.

The orientation to the potential, to health and the original matrix determines how we meet somebody, talk to them, look at their process and facilitate their treatment plan.

How we impart the values and knowledge

We impart the teaching about the biodynamic approach with passion, enthusiasm and awe.

The miracle of the human being is a continuous unfolding mystery.

We cultivate interest, respect and deference for all human beings and conditions.

As a result of our experiences with this work since 1985, it is important to us to convey the biodynamic approach in its wholeness and fullness.

The oral tradition is an important tool to transmit the knowledge and the principles in an alive manner. It keeps the work alive and dynamic, developing in its complexities with the changes of time.

«There is another kind of intelligence,
one already completed and preserved inside you.
A spring overflowing its springbox.
A freshness in the center of the chest.
This other intelligence does not stagnate.
It is fluid and it doesn’t move from outside to inside through the conduits of learning.
This second knowing is a fountainhead
from within you, moving out.»

«We are working with alchemical and transformative forces, which are unlimited and ever present.»

Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin

We impart

joy to learn
pleasure to experience
love of knowledge
curiosity to explore



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