«The whole is more than the sum of its parts.»

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The Team

Management and coordination
Kavi A. Gemin and Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin manage and coordinate the institute and are responsible for the programs and their teachings.

It is important to them that the work is passed on personally and directly.

Thanks to their commitment and experience, they present high quality trainings, in which it is a joy to learn.

Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin

Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin
Director, teacher, practitioner

Kavi Gemin
Director, CO, instructor, coach


Kavi and Bhadrena bring their own individual qualities to the teachings, transmitting the job with passion.

Together they create new trainings and curriculums, which influence the international quality and standards in the craniosacral method.

Through their international activity, ICSB is connected worldwide.



In addition to the teachers a competent team of experienced therapists is supporting each foundation training as assistants.

The team members can also act as tutors,  supervisors or mentors.

The title changes according to national circumstances.


In cooperation with

Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin

Agàta H. Holliger
Teacher, Supervisor

Kavi Gemin

Tara Andrea Jäger
Representation of ICSB in Cranio Suisse®
Supervisor, examiner


Different teachers are in loose connection with the ICSB and conduct trainings in their own authority and organization. They are responsible for the content and graduation of their students. Bhadrena and Kavi might be a guiding and supervising support.

Virag Cristina Ratti

Maya Chizuko Kimura

Agàta H. Holliger



The trainings of ICSB are organized in different countries by different organizations and supported by an excellent team.

The legal seat of the ICSB is in Switzerland.

Administrative team in Switzerland:

Yuko Konishi: Bremgarten BE, Switzerland
Martin Tschumi: EDV Support
Stephan Kobel: Webmaster
Steve Henseler: Grafic design


Ländlistrasse 119
CH-3047 Bremgarten

Mobile +41 79 253 83 77

Network and associations

International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America

Cranio Suisse®
Swiss Association for Craniosacral Therapy

Italian Craniosacral Association

Swiss quality management certificate

Swiss registry for complementary medicine

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