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Martin Heidegger
«True listening is worship.»

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«Great know how and competence in the method, together with great honesty, passion in teaching and human understanding.»
24.11.2015 Sonia Rocha, Zürich, Switzerland

«Bhadrena and Kavi are my teachers of Craniosacral Biodynamics since many years.
Along this journey I had the privilege to receive a complete and rigorous teaching , enhanced by the direct transmission of the principles of Biodynamics: honesty, compassion, neutrality, that they incarnate on each given moment. I could appreciate their intellectual curiosity on science and art and the human quality, profound and generous, of their teaching. They are a continuous source of inspiration and support towards excellence in my work and life.»
Cristina Ratti, BCST, founder of Instituto Español de Biodinámica Craneosacral (IEBC), Barcelona, Spain

«A biodynamic way of life – that is what I learnt from Craniosacral Biodynamics.
Thanks to my teachers Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin & Kavi Alessandro Gemin of ICSB, Switzerland, who, with their passion for this work and sincerity ingrained those values and concepts to the root core with their unique way of teaching and disseminating information. Being their student since 2006 and now assisting them in the trainings, it has always been a delightful learning experience which inspires and motivates to keep on discovering different layers of this amazing work!»

Angelina Kaushish (Richa), Craniosacral Therapist, BCST, RCST®
Associate Practitioner - Quanta Health Care Solutions, Mumbai
Visiting Practitioner - Center for Life Sciences, Health & Medicine, Pune

«Learning BCST with Kavi and Bhadrena since 1999 has taught me to live the biodynamic principles in my daily life and in relating with the world around me. Apart from building a successful career on this path, this work has also become an extension of myself. I don't feel separate from who I am and the work I offer and the spiritual path I follow. I credit this experience of oneness to my teachers who offer their work with so much generosity and a loving heart space. My most precious learning is to bring this space into my personal and professional life everyday. »
Zia Nath, owner Quanta Health Care Solutions, Mumbai, India
Craniosacral Therapist, BCST, RCST®
Performing Artist and teacher for Sufi & Indian Temple Dances

«Bhadrena and Kavi are skilled practitioners of their Healing Art. They are both knowledgeable and sensitive in their work, respecting the clients' boundaries yet letting them know of the possibilities of expansion beyond their present physical and emotional limits. I respect and recommend their approach to the human body and spirit.»
Peter A. Levine, PhD, Founder of Somatic Experiencing® (Trauma Resolution)
and author of "Waking the Tiger".



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