Dr. Rollin E. Becker
Dr. Rollin E. Becker
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What is the practicum?

The practicum is the practical training in perception and supports the ability to evaluate and work therapeutically within the method of craniosacral biodynamics.

In the practicum a student learns to apply the method practically, so that the theory, philosophy, concepts and principles can be felt and experienced.

The practicum is an integral part of the training.
One can only learn craniosacral biodynamics through practice and experience.

Depending on the level of training different competences are being practiced.

At the beginning the practicum is especially oriented towards learning the needed skills for craniosacral biodynamics. In time further therapeutic skills will be added.

The different segments of the practicum take place partly within a seminar, partly between seminars as self-study.

The practice sessions during and between seminars and the support through experienced assistants allows the student to learn to work effectively.

ICSB gives the appropriate guidance in how to practice and builds the practice step by step.

« Listening is one of the most profound compliments that you can pay to another person. To truly listen and to feel that you’re heard is deeply fulfilling in a deep human way.»
Gabriel Byrnes

Parts of the practicum

The following guidelines are for all ICSB foundation trainings outside Switzerland. In Switzerland different rules apply (s. German part of the webpage)

The practicum consists of the following segments.

  • give and document 150 practice sessions outside and between seminars
  • 20 hrs. supervision
  • practice days
  • mentored practice sessions
  • 3 feedback sessions given to the staff (partly within, partly outside seminars)
  • coaching through staff members
  • give and document 2 case studies à 6 treatments each

ICSB gives clear guidelines and instructions for the practicum.


Terms and abbreviations

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BCST - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

IABT - International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings

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